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Personal Trainer

The Importance of a Personal Trainer

A mobile fitness trainer can go anywhere to assist a person in their fitness and wellness journey. Fitness is not looking to be buff or like the heavyweight lifters. Fitness is only for health and staying in shape. A mobile fitness trainer knows the person they are working with, and they may have more than one person or group they work with each day. With the proper mandates in place for the COVID-19 pandemic, it is difficult and different for everyone to make adjustments. Most everyone is required to have a mask, so there are personal trainers who work with masks. Some people cannot wear a mask while they work out, so virtual is easier for everyone. We specialize in speed and agility training, and everything can be booked online. Fitness is also maintaining control of one's body. Speed and agility training covers these areas as it works out the mind and body connection.

Having a personal trainer is critical, especially for someone starting on their venture of getting into shape. There is an assessment interview before any movements take place. The personal trainer knows their client and what they can and cannot do. The last thing anyone wants is to get injured while working out. Though age plays a factor in most workouts, everyone is different, especially in the beginning. If a person is starting, they are likely to be sore and slow. We understand this and work with the person to motivate them not to give up. Pain is a factor in life, and the personal trainer knows the difference between soreness and injury. They make stretches mandatory before all training sessions, and they help their client in this area too to make sure they are doing it correctly. To not do the stretches properly can cause serious injury. It is our goal to keep the client safe.

Mobile Fitness is another area that has been moved to virtual. With the internet, we can reach out further to more clients. It feels at times like we are everywhere and moving at a rapid pace. As we focus on speed and agility through most of our training sessions, it helps our clients in all areas of life and helps them on the field, at work, at the gym, and in life. It is all about commitment, and when the client commits to the training, so do we commit to them and their success in getting and staying fit. Outside of the pandemic mandates, we are a mobile fitness company and have done many sessions one on one or within a group. We hope to continue this after the COVID-19 situation is entirely under control and behind us. We will keep it virtual until then.

A mobile fitness coach works in different locations to inspire health and fitness. The same services are handled between a mobile fitness coach and a mobile fitness trainer. Like every sport, a coach may be a bit harder on their players. This is no different in the fitness world. A mobile fitness coach will go to meet the client and push for excellence. The only other difference is the title. Through massive research, the certifications come up as a "fitness trainer." They both strive for the same goal for their client, and it is all within the fitness industry. A mobile fitness coach will separate what a client wants and needs. The coach will know how to inspire their client to exceed their personal goals. They also hold the client accountable for keeping their goals intact. It is challenging and may feel like a long road ahead for those starting. The inspiration makes all the difference.

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