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1:1 Personal Training

How 101 Training Helps Our Clients Reach Their Goals


There are several advantages to working with 101 training. Some people do better on their own as compared to being in a group of people. The attention span and focus is more predominant, and they do not feel pressured. Some clients do not do well in groups, especially if they are shy. They embarrass easily, and it can take the focus off of the training, which is essential to safety and progress. Once the focus is taken away, the client may miss some valuable information. 101 Training for many goes quicker in learning and excelling in what is being taught. In many cases, it also goes quicker for the trainer because they are only dealing with one person instead of focusing on an entire group.

For those who seek speed and agility training, it is a great way to stay fit. Those who remain in shape are able to run dashes, jump over obstacles, and have a large amount of strength in their legs. It is something the mind ties together in fitness and gets better with time and practice and exercise. Speed is the ability to move in a rapid motion. Along with being agile, it is the power and strength of moving quickly with the limbs. Together, it can make a person unstoppable. Most people who love to race and run dashes enjoy this training. Sports such as track, soccer, basketball, football, and baseball also use speed and agility training to perform their best.

Youth training is the best time to start. Kids and teenagers are full of energy that they need to burn off. There is no better way to get all of that energy out of their system other than sports. Sports are fast-paced, and it teaches the youth discipline, physical education, self-esteem, and sportsmanship. It also keeps them in great shape as their bodies are growing. Here at MKO Fitness, we love sports, and so does the youth. That is why we started the youth training, and we have an assigned group that is fortunate enough to play from the ages of six, all the way to 17. Our sessions last an hour and a half and are very affordable. It is well worth the low cost the parents will pay.

We also offer boxing training. Boxing is a sport that takes a lot of stamina and strength. Speed and accurate coordination is a must. Our boxing training program works with the cardiovascular, core strengthening, and muscles in the arms and legs. Whoever decided they want to step in the ring is well protected, and we never match up a heavyweight to featherweight, and we strongly discourage it. Our assessing interview tells all when our clients decide they wish to join this fun and entertaining sport. Boxing training is a sport where weightlifting is involved with jogging, jump roping, sit-ups, push-ups, and other classic training techniques. It is an old sport which has been around for years.

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