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Fitness Rehab

Fitness Rehab and Recoveries After Injuries

Many people, after a surgery or an injury, need to recover and get back into shape. For some people with chronic pain, it can be difficult and a lengthy process. Fitness rehab focuses on these groups of people who need to get back to 100 percent. To give an example, if someone injures their knee or has some form of surgery, it becomes weak during healing. Many people focus on putting their weight on the good leg and develop a limp. Fitness rehab works with the client to get the injured leg as strong as the good one. By doing this, the person will lose the limp and prevent further injuries from occurring. If the client maintains in keeping the limp or continues to rely on the uninjured leg, it could cause back problems, blow out the good leg, or cause hip damage in the future. We work closely with the client to prevent all these scenarios from happening.

MKO Fitness also works with clients in fitness recovery after a surgery or injury. We use different techniques starting with our assessment interview to determine how bad the injury is and how strong the damage point is. Once we know this, we can figure out the process and steps to get the client back to full recovery. The client is requested to begin with a healthy diet for starters. If it is a muscle injury, it takes rest along with the nutritious food for 24 to 48 hours before we begin working the damaged area. The tissues in the muscle can tear or breakdown if we start too soon.

Along with the food and rest, the client should drink plenty of water. Stretches and massages are the next steps. It is a good idea to visualize the exercises before beginning. We work without overstraining and gradually move forward with fitness recovery from there.

Core strengthening is critical to keep the body's main muscles healthy to perform daily tasks without injury. These muscles include the muscles in the back, abdominal, and around the pelvis. Through core strengthening, it makes life more accessible to do more physical activities. It is important to breathe deeply during these exercises to keep from injuring oneself. We can train our clients on the correct way to do these exercises so that they stay safe. The most substantial benefit to doing core strengthening is it gives a person better balance and stability. While standing, walking, lifting, or running, the abdominal muscles, back muscles, and pelvic muscles are used the most. Since core strengthening works the abs, it can also help a person lose weight and tone their abs. Endurance is another reason to do these exercises. It allows a person to stand longer and walk further when needed.

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