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Fitness Challenges

The Fitness Challenges in Corporate and Group Fitness

Corporate fitness is within companies. The companies push for their employees to stay fit by having workout rooms, fitness coaches or trainers, or any form of health-related opportunities made available to them. Many people like to work out during their lunch break to burn off those calories, while others prefer to do it in the morning before work or after hours. For the corporate offices that do not have a workout room, a company pass can get offered to its employees to enter a training session or contact a personal trainer. Corporate fitness is also widely popular as companies want their workers to stay healthy to provide the best production while working during business hours. A healthy worker is a happy worker. When the workers are satisfied with their jobs, they perform better quality labor. We offer six to twelve-month contracts. MKO Fitness can have your company one of the healthiest places in your area.

Group training is another service we perform here at MKO Fitness. We know it can be challenging to be inspired when a person does a training session alone. Some people like to have a friend or a group of friends around them when they are getting the blood flowing and circulating. It offers competition and can make training fun in the process. Whether it is group training with friends, family, or spouse, we would love to train everyone in fitness and wellness. We follow the government mandates' guidelines, so we only allow a minimum of four people or a maximum of ten people within a group session. The motivation helps people along during training sessions when they have the folks around them they love. It is a way of saying how much they care about each other as they inspire one another to workout together.

Fitness challenges come in all forms. It takes a lot of self-discipline to push through the obstacles in everyday life. The owner of MKO Fitness, Ashanti Robinson, a Certified Personal Trainer, works with his clients to ensure they see all their fitness and wellness goals met. He has a Bachelor of Science in Human Performance and Wellness. Robinson also has a Master of Science in Physical Education. His passion drives him to work with his clients to overcome all the fitness challenges they may face. Some fitness challenges he offers his clients to perform are the simple techniques every trainer uses. Push-ups, pull-ups, aerobics, weight lifting, and speed and agility training are some. There are others, but these are the ones most people are familiar with doing. After an assessment or interview is complete, everyone will be on the same page about which fitness challenges are right for the client.

Group fitness is the same as group training, and it offers the same activities within the group. The rules are the same with a minimum of four and a maximum of ten. Everyone can enjoy the group fitness program as they all work out together. When people do things in a group, the outcome is always positive, no matter what it is. Group fitness is a way for people to enjoy themselves while they exercise, and it can also help pass the time. No one will find themselves standing around with nothing to do. We make sure everyone participates, and each has their personal assessment and goals to follow. What may be suitable for one person in the group may not be right for another. We ensure everyone stays safe with our training session not only for liability, but we do not want to see our clients getting hurt.

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